"Origins Gallery, Stroudsburg" Jeremiah Williams blog, June 2016. Read it here!


"Opening reception: Mural Program exhibition" Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, January 2016. Read it here!

"Riot Twerkout" Mario Magoo, Feb. 2016. Watch here! 

"Step into the past and pose as the Strouds!" Stroudsburg Sentinel, Fall/Winter 2015. Read it here! 

"Pocono Arts Council Newsletter: pg 2" Pocono Arts Council Monthly Newsletter, June 2014. Read it here!


"Project Street Art: Artist Interviews" Local Flair Magazine, Stroudsburg PA, August/September 2014. By Diana Dreher. Read it here!


"Life after Pratt with Colorist Ashley Fontones" Pratt Success, Brooklyn NY, December 14th 2012.  Read it here!


"Send in the Toons: A Collection of Creative Cartoons" Noupe, online. January 2012. Read it here!

past exhibitions

Surreal Estate of Mind at Origins Gallery, Stroudsburg. August 2015


Fantasies & Imaginings at Origins Gallery, Stroudsburg. July 2015


Creepy Crawlies at The Sherman Theater's Living Room Gallery, Stroudsburg. July 2015


Napkin Schmapkin: Whatever Happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons (animation curator) at Origins Gallery, Stroudsburg. June 2015


3-VOLLEY: A Retrospective (curator) at Origins Gallery, Stroudsburg. May 2015


Express Your Selfie at Sherman Theater Living Room, Stroudsburg. May 2015


A Voice For the Earth at Origins Gallery Stroudsburg. March-April 2015


What's Love Got to Do with It? at Origins Gallery Stroudsburg. Feburary 2015


Maker's Market at School of Visual and Performing Arts Stroudsburg. November 2014.


Beyond the Harvest at School of Visual and Peforming Arts Stroudsburg. October 2014


Project Street Art Part Two" Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg PA. Sept 27th.


"Changing Seasons Changing Scenes" School of Visual and Performing Arts Stroudsburg. September 2014.


"Hoops and Loops Circles and Spheres" School of Visual and Performing Arts Stroudsburg. July 2014.


An Artistic Movement School of Visual and Performing Arts Stroudsburg. May 2014.


Project Street Art Part One 600 Main St. Stroudsburg. May 24th 2014.


"The Living Room Presents: The 2 Year Anniversary ARSTROLOGY Show" At the Sherman Theater's Living Room Gallery. featuring "Gemini" May 3rd-June 2014


"The Living Room Presents: Community Outreach at Dale's" At Dale's Coffee Shop in Bartonsville PA. featuring "Papaya" April 29th-June 2014


"The Living Room Present's April's Featured Artists" At the Sherman Theater's Living Room Gallery. April 1st-28th 2014.


Pussies on Parade: an online gallery of feline art from around the world featuring "Gilgamesh", on view as of Sept. 5th, 2013.


"The Living Room Presents: Music & Album Art" featuring the "Bard" and "Earworm" at the Living Room Gallery at the Sherman Theater, East Stroudsburg PA, March 1st-April 4th, 2014


"What's Art Anyway?" featuring the "Madonna of the Skull", "Harvest Moon", and "Guanina" at the Living Room Gallery at the Sherman Theater, East Stroudsburg PA, January 2nd-31st 2014


"Art in the Dark" featuring the Agony of Ursa Major at the Living Room Gallery at the Sherman Theater, East Stroudsburg PA, Nov. 6th-December 6th, 2012


"Alumni Chat" with Brianne Van Putte and Ashley Fontones Pratt Institute Department of Digital Arts. Brooklyn NY, November 2012.


"Nascar Festival" booth with Once Upon a Fairy East Stroudsburg PA, April 2012


"Proxima Generacion" Clemente Soto Velez Center, New York NY,  - cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy :(


DDA Presents: The Junior Class 2D Animation Show, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. April 2011


Pratt Institute Department of Residential Life and Housing Staff Art Show, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY. January 2010


Main Street Jukebox Rotating Gallery, 5 pieces selected. Stroudsburg, PA. May 2008



for press or exhibition inquiries, please contact me :)

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