Painting and murals

2016 - 2018 sar-chasm

A lowbrow, colorful approach to classical poses and forms. All pieces painted on found drywall or similar  materials.

"Ain't gettin' any younger" 36" x 46", acyrlic on drywall. On display at The Altar Gallery & Tattoo Shop in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Please e-mail for purchasing information.

"'Ol blue hair" 14" x 10" (framed). Acyrlic on laminate floor tile. Private collection.

"We get it, you vape" 23.5" X 19.5" with frame, acrylic on drywall. Please e-mail for purchasing information.

"Algae", acrylic on drywall. Private collection.

"Nibiru", 48"x24", acrylic on drywall. Private collection.

"Just hangin' out" 32"x24", acrylic on corkboard. Private collection.

'That deer you hit' Concept design for mural completed during Philadelphia Mural Arts Program training. Acrylic on drywall. Private collection.

'Buddies' Collaboration with Thomas Pfendt. Acrylic paint on foamcore. Private collection.

'Bedside manner' Ink and rosewater on bristol. Private collection.

Screenshot 2017-08-09 23.54.38

Screenshot 2017-08-09 23.54.38

'The Morrigan' collaboration with Dancing Vulture Designs. Acrylic on drywall. 36" x 24". Available for purchase. Please e-mail for pricing.