Self Publishing

Go Color Yourself

Hand-made coloring book featuring Beasty Feast creature features. November 2014, exclusive single run for Maker's Market at the School of Visual and Performing Arts in Stroudsburg, PA. SOLD OUT. 

Beasty McSketch

Hand Made Mini Zine featuring a selection of digital and ink sketches from Ashley's portfolio from 2012-2013. November 2014, exclusive single run for Maker's Market at the School of Visual and Performing Arts in Stroudsburg, PA. SOLD OUT. 

Hand Made Mini Zine offshoot of Pareidolic (short lived project I am constantly missing) featuring articles and designs exploring the theme of paranormal skepticsm. July 2012, handed out to confused patrons at the Pocono Raceway Festival sponsored by Nascar and the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. single run

Pareidolic Season 

Smallest Seed

Novella concerning the childhood and adolescence of the daughter of Mary Magdalene and a mysterious father. Follows Ariel's journey throughout 1st century Gaul, her awakening mysticsm, romance with a Celtic Legionaire and struggles as a feminist in the Roman Empire. Click for FREE pdf download. 

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I don't know who you are, but if I see that you are copying or redistributing my work without my permission, I will find you, and I will squeeb you. And likely pursue legal action.