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Born at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, and raised in "South Slope" (that little hood nestled along 4th ave, in between Sunset Park and Park Slope, that hip realtors erroneously have been calling "Parkwanus") Brooklyn, Ashley's childhood consisted of museum visits, Chinese food, and bootleg VHS tapes. Ashley attended Brooklyn New School before moving to the Pocono Mountains in 1999. Ashley draws on the playfulness and color of urban imagery, while at the same time being inspired by the intense natural views afforded by her current mountain home-- thus creating a body of work directly influenced by her diverse childhood.

Ashley attended the Pratt Institute Saturday Art School and the Brooklyn Museum Children's School as a seven-year-old, both on merit scholarship, which allowed her to discover a variety of mediums and collaborate with other young artists. It was at the museum school that Ashley nurtured an obsession for ancient cultures, which became hobby of study for the next twenty years (and probably will continue). Second graders got a well deserved nap when Ashley's teacher allowed her to present a scale model of the pyramids at Giza. Eyebrows were raised a few years later, when Ashley "embalmed", "mummified" and "entombed" a fashion doll for a class project.

Ashley inherited a love for comics and animation from both her father and maternal grandfather, but it wasn't until after her grandfather's death in 2005 that she was able to view his own ballpoint sketches and illustrations for the first time. A Korean war vet and NYC sanitation worker, her grandfather had hidden a lifetime of talent and potential. She decided to pursue a traditional art education while embracing digital technology and storytelling.

Today, Ashley pursues a degree in legal studies with the hopes of becoming a certified paralegal. Her interests lie in intellectual property, standards & practices, legal research and analysis. It is after six years working in public arts, advertising and television as a freelancer and coordinator that she hopes to help other creative pros like herself. After completing her courses in 2017, she wishes to either pursue a juris-doctorate, or work in the legal department for a creative company.


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